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Escape to the South of France

I’m back! As you all know by now, I love a break away from day-to-day life and the latest in my ‘Escape’ series is no exception. I’ve spent a week relaxing in the South of France reading books, drinking wine and eating croissants and bread and cheese. Tell me, is there anything better to soothe your mental and physical health?


The warm weather helps ease those tired fibro muscles, and where possible I did absolutely nothing. 






One of the things that is all too common with fibro sufferers is the fear of doing something we used to be good at. I feel that horrible heart-pounding panic every time I have to use my body to do something I don’t think I can do. Something as simple as climbing the stairs on a high-pain day is hell.

When canoeing was suggested as an afternoon activity, that old familiar panic rose up inside me and my gut instinct was to suggest I stayed a home. 

However, one thing that many of my friends are brilliant at is making me feel a little bit more confident, and supporting me if/when I need their help. I’ll be honest, the thought of handling rapids and waterfalls filled me with dread, but we took the easy route and I sat in a two-man canoe so the boy did all the hard work.

I ached like crazy the next day, but I think it’s important to push yourself on occasion. Aching won’t make your body any worse, so what’s a little more pain in the name of good fun? And it really was truly great fun. 



After that, I went back to doing nothing but eating and drinking. 







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