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Salad nicoise

Keeping with the salad theme, and keeping it simple, today’s recipe (is it me or does calling it a recipe seem a bit ridiculous at this point?) is for a kind of salad nicoise.

2013 - 1

All the meals I cook need to be easy to prepare, as fibro limits the amount of lifting, chopping and stirring I can do. So, ingredients for today’s simple salad are:

1/2 a tin of tuna 
1 egg 
1 slice of bread 
1/2 a small tin of sweetcorn 
Table spoon of olive oil
Salad dressing to taste
Lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber as required. 


Firstly cut the bread into squares. Put a table spoon of olive oil into a frying pan, heat and then add the bread. Fry the bread until golden brown on both sides, and add a small amount of salt and pepper. 

Whilst the bread is frying, boil an egg for five minutes.


Whilst the croutons are cooling, add your salad to a bowl and dress to taste. Peel the egg and slice. 



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