The catwalk


My cats are being pretty annoying today; or rather, I am pretty annoyed by my cats today. Maybe it’s more fair that way around.

I took these photos of them a few weeks ago whilst experimenting with my camera, and I quite like them. In fact, if you didn’t know my cats you’d probably think they were quite cute little things – if not slightly suspicious things, curious about the woman with the camera. 

I should do some introductions. This is Maisie; she is sometimes the most wonderful cat. She cuddles a lot, but is fairly self-sufficient. She likes to play, which means your reactions have got to be pretty good to avoid being scratched and/or bitten. She likes to run around and chase bits of paper and laser beams, which is great, but unfortunately she has also perfected looking very grumpy. In fact, I associate her with the popular cheerleader at school; she knows she’s pretty cool and therefore you should feel pretty honoured to spend time with her. That can be annoying. That said, she also likes to be carried like a baby – that really is pretty cool.

And this is Jess. Jess also likes to cuddle a lot, but in a far more desperate way. I think she thinks that if she doesn’t touch a human once an hour she fears she’ll self-combust. She makes a lot of noise, and that’s kind of annoying. (I’m kidding…it’s really annoying.) She also likes to catch mice at 3am and then scream outside your bedroom window. That’s really annoying too.

She’s really lazy and thinks she’s entitled to spread out wherever she is, regardless of how inconvenient it is for you. If you’re sat down, that’s an invite for her to climb all over you. She doesn’t even raise a paw to the laser beams or bits of paper that Maisie likes to chase. Because of this, I’m not really sure how she catches the mice. Maybe Maisie’s helping her for a small fee. 

Annoyances aside, they’re very cute cats. They keep me warm in the winter and in the summer, well, I can put them outdoors. Joke. I love them all year round. Really, I do. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I must annoy them too; in the picture below they look pretty sick and tired of me and my camera. See? It’s a mutual annoyance we’ve got going on, and that means it’s okay.