Bloggers love blogs

One of my very favourite friends (and a fellow blog reader) recently asked me to recommend some new blogs for her to read. I decided that was something worth sharing with all of you, because…well…why not. So here goes…

1. A Beautiful Mess 

I don’t think there’ll be many people who love lifestyle blogs that don’t already know about A Beautiful Mess. Two girls who blog for a living, and have extended their blog to an iPhone app and a book. They are my true heroes and I love following their blog every day. The blog covers food, fashion, decor, crafts and photography. It’s a truly lovely mix. 

Beautiful Mess

2. Oh So Lovely Vintage

I discovered this through A Beautiful Mess; the bloggers community seems to be a tight one, and they’ve both got a lot in common. These two are also making a living from the things they love, they have a number of shops and this amazing mobile home. Again, what’s not to love?

2013 - 1 (2)

3. Oh Dear Drea 

Drea’s blog is a fairly new one on me, but I’ve quickly grown to love it. As a lady in her late twenties who doesn’t want children, I often get turned off from blogs that become a little too child focused when the blogger pops a sprog. But Drea has some skills, she manages to be a mum and keep me hooked on her wonderful blog. Who knew it was possible?! It perhaps has something to do with the beautiful way she describes herself: “I’m not a photographer and I’m not a writer. My grammar is not wonderful, but my cooking is.”

Oh dear drea

4. Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries 

I’ll be honest, I dip in and out of the Rockstar Diaries. I don’t relate as much to Taza’s life these days as I used to, so we’re growing apart in some ways. That said, every now and again she hooks me back again and at the root of it all, I still “love Taza”. 

Love Taza

5. Beauty is a Light in the Heart 

This blog is the odd one out in my list; there are no words. No, literally, there are no words. This blog is photo after photo, and it’s perfect for the days when I’m too tired to read and just to want to feel. So many beautiful pictures means I’m often flitting between this blog and Pinterest. 

Lisa Jane Photography

6. Bleubird Vintage 

Bleubird caught me with her photos from day one. It’s a very rustic, family oriented blog and there is almost nothing that I can relate to, and yet she caught me, and she kept me hooked. Lovely, lovely pictures.

Bluebird Blog

7. Love and Lemons 

This blog takes me away from lifestyle and into food heaven. I know I don’t cook, but I still get an immense amount of enjoyment from food porn. I mean, look at this. YUM. 

Love and lemons

8. Rock My Wedding 

I’m quite impressed I’ve managed to blog for this long without mentioning my obsession with weddings. I was determined not to create yet another wedding blog but, I’ll be honest, it’s not completely out of the realms of possibility that a new ‘wedding’ tab gets added one of these days. Until then, I immerse myself in all things weddings at the Rock My Wedding site. This blog splits wedding snaps into categories so you can browse the vintage, the quirky, the traditional and the city – along with many others. I love it.

Rock my wedding

9. Fibromy-awesome 

This is another odd one out, and for very special reasons. As a fibromyalgia sufferer, I will be honest with you, I struggle to read other people’s accounts of battling chronic pain and fatigue as they often follow the route of “Why me? Life’s not fair.” It can all be a bit depressing. Then I discovered Fibromy-Awesome. It’s very real, there’s no gloss or glamour over the condition. It is what it is. And yet it’s pretty hilarious. Mary is a woman after my own heart; totally sarcastic, totally honest, totally real. Love her.


10. Zoella 

I’m brand new to Zoella, and I’m a bit nervous about the fact I’ve bumped her to the number ten spot so quickly. (I’m not really. Okay, I am.) Zoella appears to be young, cute and way too upbeat for my usual blog style. She’s aaaall about the gloss and glamour -and yet I love her. Her love of ice cream and crepes made me instantly think, “Yes yes, you’ve just got yourself a new reader.” Will she keep me? It remains to be seen.

Note added 22 April 2014 – she didn’t keep me, I lasted about a fortnight. Too jolly.



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