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Newcastle city love

This is quite possibly one of the best weeks I’ve ever had. A week without work and a week with the boy and the city I love. 

If you’ve never visited Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England, I truly believe you’re missing out. Walking along the Quayside is pain I’m willing to deal with for this view. 

2013 - 8 (1)

2013 - 1 (5)

A night on the town might be out, but sitting at the bar drinking cocktails is still very much in. Taxi from one place to the next avoids the walk, and I truly believe I’ve developed a skill to find a chair in even the busiest bar. 

2013 - 2

Being a tourist in the city you live is a must-do. I told you about Beamish earlier in the week, which remains my top tip for those not too good with the walking. 

2013 - 1 (4)

And any city with a beach is on to a winner in my opinion. 

2013 - 2 (2)

2013 - 1 (7)

Di Meo’s Deleval Ices is honestly the most perfect restaurant idea. Pizza and ice cream. That’s it. WONDERFUL.

2013 - 7

2013 - 3 (2)

Tea and cake is the perfect way to break up the day when the walking gets a bit much. 

2013 - 2 (1)

2013 - 6 (1)

If you’re in the north east of England and have never been to Tynemouth market, I highly recommend it. It’s not new to me, I’m there far too often, but I love it!

2013 - 4 (1)

2013 - 10

St Mary’s lighthouse is a lovely tourist spot. Clearly I had no hope of climbing up it, but you can park right next to it – and there’s a van in the car park selling hot doughnuts. Just saying. 

2013 - 9

2013 - 8

I’m not going to lie, it’s been an exhausting week. But so totally worth it. Newcastle upon Tyne, you are without a doubt my favourite of all the cities. 


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