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The good old days

When you move to a new place, people are full of suggestions for places you should go and things you should do. For three years people have been telling me to go to Beamish Museum and I’ve been ignoring them. It all sounded a bit too much like hard work…

…and then I heard about these.


Beamish is a Live Museum, which means the general public get to interact with live people, products and services relevant to the museum’s period in time. In the case of Beamish, there are old trams and buses that take you around the town, the farm and the pit village. You get on and off the public transport as much or as little as you’d like, and the staff are all in costume from Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian England.

Here are some snaps from the day I went back in time. We visited the pit village, the school, the town with its local pub and sweet shop. I’m sold! This is one amazing museum. 


IMG_0090     IMG_0091

No matter whether you’re old or young, disabled or not, Beamish caters for all. 





I am totally in love with the North East, and Beamish was like icing on the cake. Although, I don’t really like icing on cakes. It was more like clotted cream on a scone – the perfect touch.


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