Starting again

You may have noticed the blog’s been a little quiet over the past couple of weeks. This isn’t because I’ve got bored of it, and it isn’t because I haven’t got anything to say. It’s because I’ve failed. That’s right, I tried the 5:2 and I’ve failed the 5:2. I’ve also tried to find things to do that don’t cause pain, and I’ve failed at that too. Whoops. Mid flare-up I’m back to my old ways; eating crap and doing very little. Oh, and feeling a little bit more sorry for myself than usual. 

Back at the hospital, back to the GP and back to the psychologist is a pattern fibro sufferers will be all too familiar with. Fibromyalgia physical pain is constant, and it’s draining. But on top of that pain is the extreme anxiety felt at the thought of leaving the house when you’re struggling to walk, or the panic felt when you worry your friends all want to be far more active than they can be with you, and then the sadness that inevitably comes out when the frustration and anger gets all too much. It’s a physical and emotional rollercoaster, and sometimes being positive and enthusiastic is all a bit too much. Hell, sometimes getting up is a bit too much.

The past few weeks I’ve definitely indulged a bit too much; I’ve been out for dinner (on multiple occasions), eaten popcorn and quesadilla as mid-afternoon snacks, and I’ve done a worrying amount of online shopping – all for a dress size higher than I would like. 

2013 - 1 (2)     2013 - 1 (3)

2013 - 1 (1)     2013 - 1

However, I am going to get back on track. No really, I’m on the hunt for a new approach to healthy eating and I’ll share some of  these recipes over the next few weeks, because clearly the diet above is not sustainable. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

I also have next week off work, where I’ll be exploring the city I love in a fibro friendly way and, of course, reporting back. There’s also a small chance I may have treated myself to an exciting new camera so that I can share my food and things on this blog with you. Look how pretty it is!

2013 - 1 (4)     2013 - 2

I try not to indulge in the emotional impact of fibromyalgia too often, so please bear with me. I’ll be back next week with more positive ways to live a life less physical. 


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