Time for a sort out


I think one of the most frustrating for people with fibromyalgia is trying to deal with the time when your mind says yes but your brain says no. My mind hasn’t quite come to terms with the fact I’m not as physically able as I used to be and today is definitely one of those days.

My house feels like it’s full of clutter and needs a good sort out from top to bottom. In my mind I’m up off the sofa, I’ve got the duster in one hand and the bin liner in the other. I’m clearing out my wardrobe and making piles for clothes to give away, clothes to bin, and clothes I don’t fit in to but I’m going to keep to inspire me on fasting days. Whilst I’m doing that, I’m also sorting out the shelf of board games and the piles of books, the collection of nail varnishes spread across the house and the various shoes and bags that are tossed to one side. 


Unfortunately, I’m not actually doing any of those things. I’m trying to muster up the energy to get up and turn the TV on at the wall. (I also don’t look like the woman above but hey, it’s a cool picture.)

Frustration grows and grow until I realise something kind of obvious. If I had less stuff then keeping the house free from clutter would be far easier. Lightbulb moment! 

So, the time has come to get rid of stuff. Unfortunately that in itself requires effort, but I’ve decided by doing it in stages and making it fun (I can feel a clothes swap party coming on!) then it will seem more manageable. Right? Right.

I guess the point of this post is to say; fibromyalgia’s really damn frustrating. And whilst I’m often on a mission to rise above that frustration, this week I’m really not. *Sulk*. Oh, the other point of this post was also to say I haven’t forgotten I made a commitment to this blog, and I’ll have a tasty recipe for you later this week. 

For now, I’m off to sleep. I love sleep.