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Escape to Jersey

Although I’m constantly being told by friends, family and health advisers to “do less” and “relax at home”, there are times when I just want to go away. And I’m adamantly of the opinion that I can still go away for long weekends (see Escape to Derbyshire) and not destroy myself in the process. Yes yes, this normally involves lots of sitting and eating but I’m okay with that. 

2013 - 3

This weekend we went to Jersey, the land of cows and cream. The weather was a bit too cold to sit on the beach, which had been my grand master plan, but we survived. 

2013 - 2

Firstly, I’m a sucker for beautiful buildings – and apparently a good bit of bunting too – so a small pub crawl through the town was a lovely way to spend the day.

Secondly, one thing I’ve learned in my fibro years is; always have a pack of cards in your bag. A free tip from me to you. 

2013 - 4

I’ve also learned to do a bit of forward planning. Yes it throws a spontaneous weekend away out of the window, but anyone who knows me will know planning just makes it all the more fun in my eyes. After a lot of research I booked us in to Longueville Manor’s Kitchen Garden Tour. I strongly recommend this to anyone who’s off to Jersey for the weekend; a glass of Pimms on arrival, followed by a tour of the vegetable garden (15mins max so good for poor walkers), followed by a three course INCREDIBLE lunch, all for £25 per person. Go there now! 

2013 - 8               2013 - 4 (1)

I spent a lot of the weekend thinking about other things to do that are pain-free but fun-full, along with a couple of life plans to improve my ‘wellbeing’, so I’ll be posting a few more things to do over the coming months. I’m itching to get crafty again too, so watch this space.  

In the mean time, I welcome any suggestions you may have. If it’s blog-worthy I’ll even credit you in the write up. That’s right, your name will be here in lights for my many (one or two) kind readers to see. Tempting right? So, pop it on a postcard, in the comments, via the contact form, on facebook or on twitter. Or do all of that. Thanking you kindly. x


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