Chocolate making class


Today I went with my friend Clare to a chocolate making class. As soon as we saw it advertised we decided it was bound to be a fun thing to do that didn’t require strength and cause any pain. We were right! 

Needless to say, it is NOT an activity for a fasting day; the two do not go hand in hand. 

Is there a better sight first thing on a Sunday morning? I don’t think so.

This stirring is the only bit that required effort so fibro people, I recommend you take a physically able friend.  There is another way of stiffening chocolate which is pain-free and doesn’t require mixing, but it does require a glass chopping board, a pallet knife and a wallpaper spatula. Simply folding the mixture on the glass board gets you to the same point.

I know, I know…this is not an attractive picture. I promise you it tasted far better than it looks.