Escape to Derbyshire


This bank holiday weekend I escaped to the country for the ultimate relaxing break. I genuinely believe there is nothing better than good friends, good food, good weather and good booze. We had it all and it was marvelous. 

Unfortunately fibromyalgia means the long country walks are a thing of the past, but luckily our suntrap kept me happy whilst the others got some country air. 

One of the most difficult things about fibromyalgia is having the responsibility of choosing to be sensible. If walking were impossible, there would be no way I could contemplate wrestling the peak district hills and country stiles; it wouldn’t be up for discussion. As it is, I know I could do the first few hundred metres just fine and so as everyone’s getting ready to go, I find myself thinking it’s a good idea to go with them. I’ve done it before, and my friends have been super heroes as they’ve made pit stops or carried me. It’s so tempting, but I can’t shake my health advisors disapproving face from my head, and I hear her voice over and over again;

” If you couldn’t do it again tomorrow, you shouldn’t be doing it today.” 

So reluctantly I wave my friends off. I know this is a bit more self-indulgent than I usually am, but people have asked about the fibromyalgia side of my blog so here it is. I expect to feel a bit sad, like a dejected child who can’t have their own way, as I’m quite used to the feeling of loneliness that hits when I’m forced to sit out of things I once loved. This time though, I find only a minute or two pass before I realise I’m feeling an immense amount of pride. Too many times I do things I know I shouldn’t, only to find I can’t and I end up in a bit of a mess. Not only is that mess a bit disastrous at the time but it can take days, weeks or months to recover. 

The point of this blog was partly to keep me focused on the 5:2 diet, and partly to help me focused on looking after my health and I suddenly realise it’s working. The initial panic and insecurity disappear, the feeling of loneliness quickly passes, and whilst I know it’s sad to miss out on the fun of the walk, I’m feeling quite smug. Go me! Do they give out medals at the Pain Clinic for things like this? 

The best thing about this weekend is not only was it the first time I’ve said no to things that could make me worse, but I also found a greater joy in the things that don’t require physical strain. Turns out laughing with friends, playing board games and drinking Pimms is pretty easy and pretty awesome. Who knew?!



Lesson learnt: make the most of Bank Holiday weekends and escape.