New covers for old chairs

This morning I woke up to pouring rain and dark skies; such potential for a lazy day. And it will be, right after I attempt getting crafty. My dull dining room chairs have been frustrating me for almost a year, and almost a year ago I bought some material to cover them. Finally, today is the day. 


I should say, this isn’t a dream activity for fibro sufferers – I couldn’t do the stapling because of the pressure on my wrists, so I found myself a handy helper. 

You will need: A chair, some material, a staple gun, a screw driver, some scissors, and some pliers – just in case you need to rectify any mistakes. 

2013 - 14 (1)     equipment     2013 - 12

Unscrew the seat from the chair frame and spread the material flat underneath it. Pull the material tight and staple down approx one inch along the underside of the chair. Stop appox two inches from the edge of the seat, then turn and repeat on the next side. We’ll come back to the corners at the end.

2013 - 12 (1)     2013 - 9

Pull until taught before stapling to ensure there’s no excess material – we don’t want it to look saggy. 

Once you’ve stapled all four sides, it’s time to work on the corners. Pull the excess material together and, if you want to, staple down each side until you’re left with a thin flap in the middle. You can get away without stapling down each side but it’s a bit trickier if you’re doing it alone. Pull the flap of excess material as tight as you can and staple down each side, and along the middle. 

2013 - 6 (1)     2013 - 10 (1)     2013 - 8 (1)

Make sure you collect any loose material and staple it down. Then turn the seat back to the chair frame, screw back in and ta-da! New chairs!  By the way, I’d love to say that this little exercise was a cheaper way to get a new dining set but actually, my material cost a fortune.

2013 - 7 (1)     2013 - 3 (2)     2013 - 4 (2)

Say hello to my lovely new chairs!

2013 - 2 (1)     2013 - 2 (2)

2013 - 3 (1)     2013 - 5 (1)



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