Doctor in the house: How I’m changing my chronic pain management

Have you ever seen Doctor in the House? It's a UK BBC 1 programme where a doctor moves in with a family to try and solve their chronic health conditions. The programme follows Dr Rangan Chatterjee, who believes it's impossible for a GP to effectively treat complex health conditions in five minute consultations (no shit [...]

From Vancouver Island to the Rockies

Last week I shared the first blog post in my "here's why you should go to Canada" series. I told you all about starting our trip in Vancouver Island, and today I'm going to continue our journey and share my favourite bit of the whole trip with you: our road trip to the Rockies. I will [...]

The worst thing about fibromyalgia

When I was younger, I played a game of Would You Rather with my sister. I remember asking her, "when you're older, would you rather lose your body or your mind?" What a lovely, cheerful question to ask. Physical health or mental health? Paralysis or dementia? I remember my answer. I said I'd take physical [...]

Planning a cross-Canada road trip

I'm baaaack! If you follow me on social media, you'll know that I've just returned from a very excellent honeymoon; 24 days spent travelling across Canada - and a few days in New York for good measure. Can I call it a road trip if I spent part of it on a boat and a [...]

For the love of social media

Lots of people moan about social media. They moan about the self-indulgence, the over-sharing, the humble-bragging, the fake-living, and the lack of 'real' interaction. Once upon a time, I would have completely agreed with them but these days I find it positively wonderful. For the long distance loves  Sadly, not all of my friends and family [...]

15 things to do for a life less physical

It's the weekend and the sun is starting to shine. The nights are getting lighter and it's around this time I start to get that itchy Spring feeling in my bones. The one that says, come out to play! There is fun to be had! When you suffer from a chronic pain condition it can [...]

5 tips for travelling with fibromyalgia

Did I mention we're going on our honeymoon? Did I?! In four weeks time we'll be catching a plane to Vancouver and spending three weeks travelling across Canada, before spending a few days in New York and coming home. The last time R and I went on holiday for more than a week was five [...]

Fighting flares

Remember that awful flare of 2016 that hung around for 11 weeks and threatened to ruin my New Year's Eve wedding? Well, thankfully it didn't. It ended mid-December and unbelievably I have spent the first 10 weeks of 2017 flare-free. Last week changed things and I knew it was on its way; I felt the [...]